HOTEL RICHTR Accommodation Rules

Effective since August 1, 2012

  1. The Hotel is entitled to accommodate only a properly registered guest. For that purpose, a guest presents his/her valid Identity Card or passport, or another valid identity card to a respective Hotel employee immediately after arrival. Immediately in registration, the Hotel issues a guest his/her Accommodation Card stating the Hotel name, name of the guest, room number, price per one night accommodation, time of stay, and time when the room should be left on the last day of stay, together with instructions for valuables safe-keeping in the Hotel safe.

  2. Entering the Hotel, the already registered guest is obliged to identify himself/herself at a request to the Hotel personnel by his/her valid Hotel Card.

  3. In special cases, the Hotel is entitled to offer a guest other than reserved accommodation provided it does not differ in principle from the acknowledged order.

  4. Based on the acknowledged offer, the Hotel is obliged to check in the guest from 14:00 o'clock - till that time, the room is reserved for the guest, if not determined otherwise in the order.

  5. If a guest requests accommodation extension, the Hotel can offer him/her also other room than the formerly accommodated room.

  6. The Hotel is liable for a loss to things brought into the Hotel by or for the accommodated person provided the loss did not occur in another way. Brought things are considered to be things having been brought into the Hotel premises reserved to accommodation or things safe-keeping, or having been taken over for that purpose by any Hotel employee to be safe-kept.

  7. The Hotel is liable for a loss to left things only provided they were handed over to any person of the Hotel personnel to be safe-kept. A thing takeover shall always be recorded in a particular Handover Record.

  8. The Hotel is liable for jewels, money and other valuables without any limitation only provided such items were taken over by the Hotel to safe-keeping, or provided a loss incurred due to any Hotel employee action.

  9. A claim for a loss compensation should be exercised at the Hotel without any unreasonable delay, however, in 15 days at the latest after a day the aggrieved person found the loss.

  10. A guest uses a room for the agreed upon period. If the accommodation period was not agreed in advance, the guest shall check out at 10:00 o'clock at the latest on the last day, by which time he/she is obliged to leave the room. If he/she fails to do so, the Hotel is entitled to charge the guest another night stay. If the respective room has been already reserved by the Hotel, and the guest rejects to leave it, or is not present at the Hotel, the Hotel reserves a right to make a list of things of the guest at presence of a three-member commission and keep them at a safe site so that the respective room can be used by a guest having reserved it.

  11. The guest must not relocate any furnishings in the room and at the Hotel premises without a consent of the Hotel management, and must not perform any interventions in the electric power network or other installations.

  12. The guest is not allowed to use his/her own electric appliances at the Hotel, and, particularly, in the room; this does not apply for electric appliances serving to personal hygiene of the guest (electric shaver, massager, hair dryer, etc.).

  13. Visitors can be accepted in a lobby on the ground floor, or in a social room on the second floor. In his/her room, a guest can only accept visitors subject to a consent of the appropriate Hotel employee following the visitor's registration in the Book of Visitors at the reception, and, only for a period from 8:00 to 22:00 o'clock.

  14. In case a guest becomes ill or injured, the Hotel shall arrange a medical assistance or transfer into a hospital.

  15. When leaving the room, the guest is obliged to shut off water mains in the room, switch off the light in the room and its sanitary facility, and shut the door.

  16. Due to safety reasons, it is not suitable to leave children by the age of 10 years without attendance of adults in the room and at other Hotel premises.

  17. Dogs and other pets can only ne accommodated at the Hotel provided their owner proves their good health condition. A price of pets accommodation is charged according to a valid price list.

  18. The guest must keep night quiet in a period from 22:00 o'clock to 7:00 o'clock , i.e. the guest must not disturb other guests accommodated at the Hotel.

  19. The guest is obliged to pay for accommodation and other rendered service prices in accordance with a price list valid on a day of his/her arrival, if not agreed upon otherwise in advance, however, for a period of 7 successive days as maximum. A bill is due and payable against presentation.

  20. Claims by guest and potential suggestions for the Hotel activity improvement, if any, are accepted by the Hotel management.

  21. The guest shall pay a loss caused by him/her provided he/she does not prove the loss was not caused by him/her.

  22. The guest is obliged to follow provisions of the Accommodation Rules . If the guest breaches them, the Hotel is entitled to terminate the accommodation service contract prior to the contractual term expiration.

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